blake + mattie. engaged!

I watched Blake grow from a kid into a fine young man. I watched him fall in love with the most kind and gentle young lady, who loves Jesus and brings out the best in Blake. I am beyond excited for them as they make the leap into marriage and a lifelong covenant. I’m honored they have asked me to document it.

We did a quick engagement session before they left home and moved to Georgia to pursue missional work in a community they feel called to. We had a great time hanging out and getting a little wet at Mead’s Quarry.  These love birds will be married this October.

Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_01Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_02Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_03Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_04Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_05Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_06Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_11Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_08Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_07Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_09Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_10Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_12Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_13Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_15Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_14Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_16Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_17Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_18Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_19Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_20Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_21Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_22Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_23Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_24Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_25Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_26Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_27Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_28Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_29

the parkhursts

so I haven’t even attempted a blog post in well over a year. I am basically winning at this. I have however done lots of sessions that I would love to share so maybe this time….maybe…I’ll do better.

This family is very dear to my heart. They bring us soup when we are sick, pour into our children, and just love and lead us so well. I am forever grateful they are a part of our life. Here are a few of my favs from their session on my parent’s property.


May 2018: Angel Fam Adventures

This month was a bit of a whirlwind. I turned 30 and celebrated with my mama (who turned 50) with a Cinco De Mayo Fiesta and all the Mexican food I could fit in my body for about a week straight. My sweet Mamaw surprised me with 6 baby chicks as a birthday gift after I’ve talked everyone’s ear off about getting chickens the past several months. They have been a fun little addition to the family, but I am definitely ready for them to be outdoor pets. In other news, school is out and the pool is open! We are SO excited for all the freedom that summer provides, to slow down and just enjoy this sweet season.Angel_May2018blog_03Angel_May2018blog_04Angel_May2018blog_05Angel_May2018blog_06Angel_May2018blog_07Angel_May2018blog_08Angel_May2018blog_09Angel_May2018blog_10Angel_May2018blog_11Angel_May2018blog_12Angel_May2018blog_13Angel_May2018blog_14Angel_May2018blog_15Angel_May2018blog_16Angel_May2018blog_17

March 2018 Angel Fam Adventures

Here is what march with the Angels looked like. Spring break with snow, a little Chattanooga getaway to visit friends and T learned to ride without training wheels. Bring on Spring!MarchBlog_hor1MarchBlog_01MarchBlog_04MarchBlog_02MarchBlog_03MarchBlog_05MarchBlog_hor3MarchBlog_06MarchBlog_hor2MarchBlog_07MarchBlog_hor4MarchBlog_08MarchBlog_11MarchBlog_hor5MarchBlog_09MarchBlog_10MarchBlog_12MarchBlog_13MarchBlog_hor6MarchBlog_14MarchBlog_15MarchBlog_16MarchBlog_17

Welcome to the world Lincoln

Well this little guy is absolutely adorable! He just kept on smiling (oh newborn smiles melt my heart!) and seemed to already know how much he is adored.FrostNBblog_hor2FrostNBblog_hor3FrostNBblog_02FrostNBblog_01FrostNBblog_04FrostNBblog_hor1FrostNBblog_03FrostNBblog_18FrostNBblog_hor4FrostNBblog_15FrostNBblog_hor5FrostNBblog_21FrostNBblog_22FrostNBblog_23FrostNBblog_24FrostNBblog_25IMG_4945FrostNBblog_31FrostNBblog_26FrostNBblog_hor6FrostNBblog_28Congratulations Frost family! Your love for each other is beautiful and I am so happy for you guys.

Sisters: Jayden and Peyton

My sister and I fought a lot growing up as most siblings do I think. She is also my best friend and has been by my side through every season of my life. Now we get to go through all the craziness of motherhood together! And when I look at these girls, who are full of very different personalities, I pray that they have that in each other. A very best friend. GirlsBlog_02GirlsBlog_hor1GirlsBlog_01GirlsBlog_hor2GirlsBlog_hor3GirlsBlog_04GirlsBlog_hor4GirlsBlog_03

Feb with the Angels

Here’s what our February looked like.

T started Karate at The WellHouse, we tried Messy Baby painting at The Basement Art Studio and soaked up every moment outside we could between LOTS of rainy days.

March2018_blog1Angel_Feb2018Blog_03Angel_Feb2018Blog_04Angel_Feb2018Blog_06Angel_Feb2018Blog_07Angel_Feb2018Blog_05Angel_Feb2018Blog_09March2018_blog2Angel_Feb2018Blog_15March2018_blog3Angel_Feb2018Blog_14March2018_blog4Yup, record high temps in the high 70s had us pretending it was summer.

Ah, I can’t wait til summer. Angel_Feb2018Blog_19Angel_Feb2018Blog_21Angel_Feb2018Blog_20JRISshamSF_2.23.17_01March2018_blog5

Baby Payne

These sweet friends are very special to me. I’ve loved doing life with them over the past 5 years: watching their love for each other grow, get married, and now, become parents! They have trusted me to photograph all these big moments in their lives, and to say I am honored is a serious understatement.

Witnessing the birth of their beautiful daughter was the most incredible experience I’ve had as a photographer. Marguerite “Margot” Privet Payne was born on December 23rd all natural, caught by her father, and immediately placed on her mother’s chest. PayneBlog_small_01PayneBlog_small_02PayneBlog_small_03PayneBlog_small_04PayneBlog_small_05PayneBlog_small_06PayneBlog_small_07PayneBlog_small_08PayneBlog_small_09Payneblog_vertical1PayneBlog_small_10PayneBlog_small_11PayneBlog_small_12PayneBlog_small_13PayneBlog_small_14PayneBlog_small_15Payneblog_vertical2PayneBlog_small_16Payneblog_vertical3PayneBlog_small_17

The next weekend, on Morgan’s birthday, I came to their home to do a lifestyle session. Which is  probably one of my favorite things to photograph.Payneblog_vertical4PayneBlog_small_18Payneblog_vertical5PayneBlog_small_19PayneBlog_small_21PayneBlog_small_20Payneblog_vertical6PayneBlog_small_22Payneblog_vertical8Payneblog_vertical7PayneBlog_small_23Morgan and Jordan, thank you for trusting me to capture these special moments for you. I love you guys and am so excited for your beautiful little family!