blake + mattie. engaged!

I watched Blake grow from a kid into a fine young man. I watched him fall in love with the most kind and gentle young lady, who loves Jesus and brings out the best in Blake. I am beyond excited for them as they make the leap into marriage and a lifelong covenant. I’m honored they have asked me to document it.

We did a quick engagement session before they left home and moved to Georgia to pursue missional work in a community they feel called to. We had a great time hanging out and getting a little wet at Mead’s Quarry.  These love birds will be married this October.

Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_01Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_02Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_03Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_04Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_05Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_06Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_11Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_08Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_07Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_09Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_10Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_12Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_13Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_15Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_14Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_16Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_17Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_18Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_19Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_20Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_21Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_22Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_23Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_24Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_25Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_26Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_27Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_28Mattie+Blake Engagement blog_29

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