May 2018: Angel Fam Adventures

This month was a bit of a whirlwind. I turned 30 and celebrated with my mama (who turned 50) with a Cinco De Mayo Fiesta and all the Mexican food I could fit in my body for about a week straight. My sweet Mamaw surprised me with 6 baby chicks as a birthday gift after I’ve talked everyone’s ear off about getting chickens the past several months. They have been a fun little addition to the family, but I am definitely ready for them to be outdoor pets. In other news, school is out and the pool is open! We are SO excited for all the freedom that summer provides, to slow down and just enjoy this sweet season.Angel_May2018blog_03Angel_May2018blog_04Angel_May2018blog_05Angel_May2018blog_06Angel_May2018blog_07Angel_May2018blog_08Angel_May2018blog_09Angel_May2018blog_10Angel_May2018blog_11Angel_May2018blog_12Angel_May2018blog_13Angel_May2018blog_14Angel_May2018blog_15Angel_May2018blog_16Angel_May2018blog_17

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