Welcome to the world Lincoln

Well this little guy is absolutely adorable! He just kept on smiling (oh newborn smiles melt my heart!) and seemed to already know how much he is adored.FrostNBblog_hor2FrostNBblog_hor3FrostNBblog_02FrostNBblog_01FrostNBblog_04FrostNBblog_hor1FrostNBblog_03FrostNBblog_18FrostNBblog_hor4FrostNBblog_15FrostNBblog_hor5FrostNBblog_21FrostNBblog_22FrostNBblog_23FrostNBblog_24FrostNBblog_25IMG_4945FrostNBblog_31FrostNBblog_26FrostNBblog_hor6FrostNBblog_28Congratulations Frost family! Your love for each other is beautiful and I am so happy for you guys.

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