Baby Payne

These sweet friends are very special to me. I’ve loved doing life with them over the past 5 years: watching their love for each other grow, get married, and now, become parents! They have trusted me to photograph all these big moments in their lives, and to say I am honored is a serious understatement.

Witnessing the birth of their beautiful daughter was the most incredible experience I’ve had as a photographer. Marguerite “Margot” Privet Payne was born on December 23rd all natural, caught by her father, and immediately placed on her mother’s chest. PayneBlog_small_01PayneBlog_small_02PayneBlog_small_03PayneBlog_small_04PayneBlog_small_05PayneBlog_small_06PayneBlog_small_07PayneBlog_small_08PayneBlog_small_09Payneblog_vertical1PayneBlog_small_10PayneBlog_small_11PayneBlog_small_12PayneBlog_small_13PayneBlog_small_14PayneBlog_small_15Payneblog_vertical2PayneBlog_small_16Payneblog_vertical3PayneBlog_small_17

The next weekend, on Morgan’s birthday, I came to their home to do a lifestyle session. Which is  probably one of my favorite things to photograph.Payneblog_vertical4PayneBlog_small_18Payneblog_vertical5PayneBlog_small_19PayneBlog_small_21PayneBlog_small_20Payneblog_vertical6PayneBlog_small_22Payneblog_vertical8Payneblog_vertical7PayneBlog_small_23Morgan and Jordan, thank you for trusting me to capture these special moments for you. I love you guys and am so excited for your beautiful little family!

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